16 inches


60 pounds


Amy is one of our younger girls. She is the result of years of work toward making lilac tri puppies we would be proud to call Bodybuilder Bulldogs. In order to produce Amy we went partially outside our own lines to our friends at Genesis OEBs. They were kind enough to let us use their boy Genesis to pair with our girl Belle. Amy was one of the puppies from that breeding. Amy exhibits a lot of the English Bulldog traits. In spite of her EB traits she is not a foundational dog. She is a generational Olde. She is small, compact, has heavy wrinkle with lots of bone and a very bully head piece. However she can really move. Her bully features don’t slow her down a bit. We are excited to see her pups in mid 2021.

Her Color(s):Lilac
Her Color(s):Tri-Color

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