Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Dear Brandon,

We are writing you to bring you up to date about Winston (your Lincoln) and how happy we are. Winston had grown from the wonderful little puppy we bought from you on Thanksgiving day in 2017 into the most wonderful Bulldog anyone could hope for. Your willingness to do everything you could to ensure we got a wonderful puppy is beyond expectation. Winston weights in at 76 pounds and according to his Vet he always in perfect health. I’m not sure if Bulldogs bark but Winston doesn’t, he huffs and if it’s to loud he scares himself and comes over to sit by us to comfort (it’s very cute). Winston’s temperament towards people and other animals is a dream come true and everyone we know or have had the pleasure to encounter is amazed at how handsome and well mannered Winston is. If there is a downside to owing him we haven’t found it (well maybe it’s that he doesn’t like the hot weather as much as he loves romping in the snowbanks and really wants to stay out and play as much a possible LOL).

We have considered getting another Bulldog from you, but I’ll wait until my daughter decides to leave and move into her own home before I get another puppy and I’ll make sure I let you know well ahead of time.

I hope you post this so everyone knows how much your help and puppy has brightened our lives.

— The Freeman Family

We had a great experience with Bodybuilder bulldogs. Great service, informative, and a pleasure to deal with. But most importantly “A quality bulldogge” thank you will highly recommend. One more thing – they assisted in getting our pup to us without any hiccups.

— The Velaquez Family

We had a beloved bulldog several years ago and she died very unexpectedly. It took a long time for us to recover from her loss, if you can ever really recover from a loss that great. I am not sure how I found Brandon and Bodybuilder Bulldogs but I found the website and was scanning the puppies and one named Picasso caught my heart! I could not keep from going back to the website and looking at him. Well, needless to say, we ended up getting him. We live in Alabama and made the trek to Oklahoma to pick our boy up. Brandon was kind enough to meet us part way to get him.

My husband, Kenneth, and I absolutely love this pup so very much. We named him Thor and he is the light of our lives! He is so funny and full of personality. He is very athletic and absolutely loves the outdoors, even in the Alabama heat! He is extremely smart, he even started fetching the night we brought him home!

There are no words to thank you, Brandon, for our boy. I am so very glad we found you and was able to get such a quality pup. When people see our Thor they ask where we got him and we tell everyone about you! And if anyone is looking for a beautiful and healthy bulldog I would absolutely guide them to you and Bodybuilder Bulldogs.

Now I try not to go back to the site because I want everyone I see! These are the best dogs!


— The Partridge Family