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Below are our upcoming litters.

To see puppies that are currently available please visit our Puppies page.

Pixie x Arctic

If you like extreme bulldogs this is the breeding for you. Pixie is one of the thickest girls we have. She has an incredible chest spread and carries her girth all the way back. Arctic is the most extreme dog we have and is a one of a kind Bulldogge. If you are wanting an athletic running companion these pups will probably not be the right fit for you. These will be short extreme bull babies. We are expecting blue tri and possibly lilac tri puppies. These pups are due the middle of May 2022 and will be ready for new homes in July 2022.

This litter has been confirmed. We are now accepting deposits



Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Arctic

Audi x Major

We have been anxiously waiting for Audi’s first breeding and now its complete. Now the waiting begins. We paired her with Major. We believe this pairing will produce solid suited puppies that are wide and short. Puppies will be ready for new homes around the middle of June 2022.

Puppies have arrived! We have 1 male pups available.

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Sedona

Eclipse x Creed

We have been waiting to combine these two bloodlines again for a long time. Creed is the boy that the majority of our kennel is built on. Some of his best productions came off similar pedigrees to Eclipse. Dogs like our boy Apollo were produced from breedings like this one. This will likely be Eclipse last breeding and Creed is nearing the end of his breeding career so we decided to pair these two bloodlines up one more time. We expect black, black trindle, blue and blue trindle puppies. Puppies are due in early May 2022

Puppies have arrived! We have 5 boys and 3 girls. There are several spots available. We are now accepting deposits. Contact us to reserve your puppy.


Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Creed


This is Spartan’s first breeding. He is the son of our girl Amy and Hendrix from Casey’s Tri County Bullies. We paired him with Bliss who is also a triple carrier. We are hoping for some blue tri and lilac tri pups along with sables and brindles. We expect these puppies to have lots of muscle and athleticism but also possess the bulldog traits we love. We do not expect these puppies to be large. Bliss is about 50 pounds and Spartan is about 60 pounds. Puppies are due around the middle of May 2022 and will be ready for new homes in July 2022.

Puppies have arrived and look amazing! There are 3 girls available. Contact us to reserve your pup before they are all gone.

Bodybuilder Bulldog's Bliss
Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Creed

Mona & Squats

This breeding was completed in mid March 2022. We are expecting puppies in May 2022. We expect colors of sable, black tri and blue tri. All pups will be triple carriers.

Puppies have arrived! We have 2 boys and 2 girls available. Contact us to reserve your pup.


Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Showtime
Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Squats

Amy x Arctic

Amy was bred the middle of May. Puppies will be due in July and ready for new homes in September. We are so excited about this breeding. Amy is our most popular girl and now she has been paired with our most impressive boy. And all puppies will be lilac tri! We will begin accepting deposits once this litter is confirmed.

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Sedona
Bodybuilder Bulldog's Arctic

Twilight x Spartan

Twilight was bred in mid May. We paired her with our new boy Spartan. His first litter just recently was born and man are they impressive puppies! We think He and Twilight are just about the perfect pairing. We expect a whole array of colors including several different shades of merle. Puppies will be ready for new homes around September 2022.

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Arctic

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