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Below are our upcoming litters.

To see puppies that are currently available please visit our Puppies page.

Showtime x Apollo

Apollo and Showtime are two of our pillars here. Showtime is the granddaughter of Hugo who was our first big name stud dog. Apollo is one of the earliest sons of our boy Creed. Creed no longer lives with us but he is the backbone and foundation of our line. There are very few of our dogs that you will not find him in their pedigree. So we are taking two proven dogs and putting them together. We expect short, bulky and bully features from this litter. If your wanting a big dog this litter is probably not for you. Showtime is 58 pounds and Apollo is 65 pounds.  The colors we expect from this litter are blue trindle, blue and blue brindle. Puppies will be ready for new homes around the middle of October 2021.

Puppies have arrived! We have 1 female spot available. We do not expect her to last long. We are accepting deposits now.

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Showtime
Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Apollo

Twilight & Charlie

Many have been waiting for Twilights first puppies. That day is coming soon we hope! She was bred to Charlie from Osage County Bulldogs. Charlie is an incredible dog. He is related to many of our dogs via Creed who spent many years here. Charlie and Twilight pair up beautifully. They both have incredible type and very bully features. They are beautifully colored and have very outgoing temperaments. If you are looking for a large dog this breeding is probably not right for you. Charlie is about 65 pounds and Twilight about 55 pounds. We are expecting a wide variety of rare colors. Black tri, Blue tri, chocolate tri, Lilac tri and merles are all possibilities. Puppies are due August 31st and will be ready for new homes in late October

This litter has been confirmed via ultrasound. We are now accepting deposits.

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Arctic

Eclipse x Cube

We are pumped about this litter! This litter has been confirmed via ultrasound. Puppies are due in early September 2021. They will be ready for new homes around November 1st 2021. We are expecting black, blue, blue tri and black tri.

This litter has been confirmed! We are now accepting deposits.

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Tye

Bliss x Cube

This will be Bliss’ last litter. She is a rare specimen. Everywhere she goes people think she is a boy. Her sheer muscle mass is unsurpassed. We have high hopes for this litter. We are expecting an array of colors. Blue tri, lilac tri, blue brindle and lilac brindle are the most likely. Pups are due in mid October. We will begin taking deposits once the litter is confirmed.

Bodybuilder Bulldog's Bliss
Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Apollo

Fancy x Cube

This will likely be Fancy’s last litter. We will make that determination after this litter is born. Fancy has been an outstanding producer for us. Our boys Arctic and Major are her sons. We are expecting blue, lilac, blue tri and lilac tri pups from this litter. We will begin taking deposits once this litter is confirmed.

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Sedona

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