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About Us

About Us

Thanks for stopping by to investigate Bodybuilder Bulldogs! It is important to investigate the origin of your new family member and we want to thank you for taking the time and effort to do that. So, let us tell you a little about who we are.

We are a family of 6 who live on a small acreage in rural Oklahoma.  Our human family consists of Dad, Mom and 4 kids (3 boys and 1 girl). We believe kids and bulldogges just go together. Socialization is so important in the raising of a quality bulldog puppy. So our pups start from day one not only socializing with other dogs but with children. Bodybuilder Bulldogs is truly a family operation. From the time we start our day until bedtime (and sometimes after bedtime) we are caring, training, and loving our oldes.

We started with our first pair of oldes in 2012. We were instantly hooked. As the years have come and gone we have progressed from two OEBs to what Bodybuilder Bulldogs is today. We have been so blessed! We believe we are producing some of the best Olde English Bulldogges in the world.  We have been able to combine rare colors with structure, mass and type that we believe is unsurpassed in the Olde world. We have not reached perfection but we are striving to provide families with the best bulldog possible.

There is a lot of variation in the Olde English Bulldog world. There are many variations in type, style, size and temperament. We have no desire to bash oldes that are different styles than our own. They all serve a purpose and are being bred to fulfill that purpose. However, we want you to know what our Oldes are bred for.  We strive to produce bulldogs that embody the “Bodybuilder” name. We want our dogs to resemble a bulldog and carry the obvious bulldog traits. Therefore, we focus on things like head type, girth and bone structure. We also breed our puppies to be family pets which means two things. One, we do NOT breed for XL size dogs. We are not opposed to them. We have a couple that tip the scales over 90 pounds. However, the majority of our puppies will go on to be indoor family pets. So, most of our puppies will grow to be between 50 and 75 pound adults. Second, we want a specific type of temperament for our puppies. We want puppies who make great family pets. This means we do NOT breed our dogs to have a “working dog” temperament.  Working dogs are amazing dogs but they have a very high drive and high energy level. This can be exhausting if you don’t have the time and resources for them to burn that energy. They can also be destructive if you do not have a suitable environment for them to use their energy for constructive purposes. Our puppies are bred to be playful and energetic but to also be content to spend quality time on the couch. A Bodybuilder Bulldog is also bred to be more athletic than their English Bulldog cousins. However, they are still bulldogs. We do not strive to produce dogs that can run marathons. If you are looking for a 5 mile a day running mate our bulldogs are not for you. Don’t misunderstand us. Our Oldes are athletic. Several of our adults have been known to jump and clear 5-6 foot fences. But they are not bred to perform like a greyhound. We like to describe our bulldogs as loving to spend 30-60 minutes at a time outside playing fetch, chasing the kids and just being rowdy. Then they are ready for a nice nap on the couch in the air conditioning. If you are looking for a running buddy to join you in those half marathons then our Olde English Bulldogges are probably not the right fit for you. However, we have found that most families are not looking for that. If you’re looking for a family member who loves to play, is great with kids but is also perfectly content to crash on the couch then we may have just the puppy for you.