Bodybuilder’s Major



17 inches


80 pound


  Introducing our boy Major!. He is pictured here at just 10 and 12 months old. He still has some maturing to do but we are already very pleased with him. He is the son of our girl Fancy and our boy Van Gogh. We have been working for a few years now to produce a solid suited blue stud. As with all our studs we demand much more than just color. So it has been a process to produce a boy who possesses the traits we want along with a solid blue coat. But the work and wait has been worth it. Major is a sweet boy who literally loves everyone. He is confident and laid back. We are so very excited to see Major’s first pups in 2021. We are planning some exciting pairings for him.

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Stud Notes:

Major is a blue seal and carries tri. He is open to approved females. If you are needing a boy to add mass and girth he would be a great choice. We can ship chilled semen to most location in the US.

Stud Fee:

His Color(s):Blue
His Color(s):Tri-Color

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We Accept Paypal