Bodybuilder’s Spartan



17 inches


60 pounds


Spartan is one of our youngest studs. He is the son of our girl Amy and Hendrix who is owned by Casey’s Tri County Bullies. We wanted to make an outcross lilac tri stud and Spartan is the results of those efforts. He is a clean breather very athletic but also very thick with a LOT OF BONE and loads of muscle. He is a compact boy not large but a great example of an athletic bulldogge that still possesses the bulldog type we like. Spartan possess a combination that is extremely rare in the Olde English Bulldogge world. He possesses heavy bone and great muscle mass and muscle tone also known as tight skin. Most dogs have good bone but lack muscle tone or have nice muscle tone but are very lacking in bone. Spartan is an anomaly because he has BOTH. This rare combination makes him an amazing breeding tool.

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Stud Notes:

Spartan is one of our more athletic and structurally correct boys. He also brings color, great bone and loads of muscle to the game.

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His Color(s):Lilac
His Color(s):Tri-Color

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