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Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Creed



16 inches


50 pounds


He’s back! Creed has come home. He spent some time with our friends at IBulldogges. He did his thing there and is now home. We are thrilled to have him back. We expect to do another breeding or two with him before he is retired.

We have a passion for thick, bully, big boned bulldogs here at Bodybuilder Bulldogs. We don’t want our dogs to fit in we want them to stand out! We believe our boy Creed is evidence of that and that he will help us carry that into the future. His first puppies are now reaching adulthood and are fantastic. Creed is proving that he is one of the rare dogs who can consistently produce as good or better than himself. Creed’s puppies are surpassing even our expectations especially when it comes to head type. He is consistently producing puppies with big, round heads with lots of cheek bone and beautiful short, square smashed muzzles. In addition his puppies also breath as easy as the wind. See below for some of Creed’s kids.


Bouncy House

Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Grand Slam


Bodybuilder Bulldogs' Apollo

Open For Stud?


Stud Notes:

Open for Stud to approved females. Will be retired at the end of 2020! We are experienced at shipping chilled semen. We can ship overnight to most locations in the US

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